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Children's Projects at the Garden

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The Cambridge Community Garden is working with the Cambridge Central Schools to involve children in the garden.  For example, in the spring of 2010, every grade school aged child started a seed that they will plant at the community garden.

We are also working to involve others local children's groups at the community gardens. The gardens include children's areas, such as a strawberry snacking patch, and we hope to facilitate future special projects and events as well. Some ideas that have been brought up at meetings include:

  • Run a composting project (collect from local sources and compost at gardens)
  • Plant a shared children's garden
  • Make a stepping stone garden
  • Older children could help w/ building things such as info kiosk or compost facility or raised beds
  • Build and/or install bird/bat houses
  • Study insects and plants at the gardens
  • Start seedlings
  • Art/photography projects
  • Hummingbird/butterfly garden

If you are involved with a children's group and would like to discuss these or other ideas, please email us at community-garden at cambridgeny dot net or call Bliss at 518-677-3151.

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